Las Vegas “strippermobile” now delivering children’s Christmas toys

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Quite the alternative to Santa, that. Last year, a Las Vegas company that owns several strip clubs agreed to end a promotion that involved a translucent box on the back of a flatbed truck filled with scantily clad employees pole dancing. This year, the company decided that they may as well get some good use out of the thing, and now they're using it to deliver toys to a local charity. (Yes, there were still several dancers in the box, but this time they were wearing more appropriate clothing. You know, for the kids. And there was "no gyrating.")

And what does the chosen charity think of having strippers delivering toys to needy kids?

A HELP executive said her agency was comfortable taking donated toys from a strip club. Deja Vu collected the donations from patrons and employees.

"They are a legal, licensed business in our community," said Fuilala Riley, HELP's chief operations officer. "Their employees are part of our community, and they have children, too."

What a heartwarming little Christmas tale! And, like every good Christmas story, there's a Scrooge on hand: Clark Count Commissioner Steve Sisolak, who thinks the strippermobile is still a traffic hazard, with or without the pole dancing. Bah, humbug.