Latest fraternity scandal involves randomly roofied drinks

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It seems like every week we get wind of yet another despicable, misogynistic fraternity scandal. The latest headline comes via the University of Central Florida, where the Delta Upsilon frat decided to hold a pirate-themed mixer. Sounds harmless enough, until you realize they got a little too caught up in the theme and spiked random drinks with roofies, with the possible intent of raping the lasses. The object of their little "game," as they're calling it, was to identify which girls ended up with the tainted cocktails without their consent.

This incident takes bro culture way beyond sexist language and misogynistic attitudes and into the arena of incredibly dangerous and dehumanizing behavior. UCF officials and the police are currently investigating and are taking the case "very seriously." Here's hoping the boys are properly punished and more importantly, that more colleges and universities take whatever steps necessary to cultivate an environment of safety and sex positivity for all students, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.