Lesbian couple elected homecoming king and queen

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After recent reports that LGBTQ youth are significantly more likely to attempt suicide than their heterosexual peers, it's been difficult to maintain the hope that it does, in fact, get better for LGBTQ teens and their allies. Two gay high school students at Patrick Henry High School in San Diego, however, proved Saturday night that the world doesn't totally suck when they were elected homecoming king and queen at their school's homecoming dance. While senior Rebecca Arellano (left) was crowned homecoming king at a pep rally last Friday, her girlfriend Haileigh Adams (right) was elected homecoming queen at the dance last night.

Although a few detractors have come out against the girls' election, Arellano and Adams, who have been dating since their sophomore year, are thrilled by the overwhelming amount of positive feedback they've received from parents, friends, and the staff at their high school, who have inundated the girls' Facebook pages with accolades and messages of support. "Another student that's also a lesbian, she said [to me], 'We won,' and that's what I wanted," Arellano told ABC News the day of her homecoming king win. "I'm so grateful to Patrick Henry for supporting me." The two are the first lesbian couple to be elected to homecoming court in the school's history, as well as one of the first in the United States.

This is, in a word, pretty awesome. Congratulations to the happy couple!