Lesbian couple kicked out of Gertrude Stein exhibit for holding hands

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Sadly, homophobia exists everywhere, even in the liberal bastion of San Francisco. And even in museum exhibits about famous gay writers. One lesbian couple found this out the hard way when they were kicked out of San Fran's Jewish Museum for (gasp) holding hands while strolling through the Gertrude Stein exhibit. According to a report in the San Francisco Chronicle:

They were holding hands," Levikow [a bystander] said, "and he [the guard] told them they couldn't hold hands in the museum."

The couple did not agree. A small crowd began to form and the guard attempted to shoo the couple out the door to quiet things down.

"And they said, 'No we are not leaving and we want to talk to somebody in authority right now,'" Levikow said.

The museum says the security guard will be reprimanded. Given the irony of the situation, he should probably also be taught be a history lesson and forced to recite some poetry too.