Little girl creates ultimate checklist for the “perfict boy”

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My Perfict Boy list

If there's one thing that never stops being cute, it's little kids talking about romance. Seriously, never!

Witness: one little girl's checklist for "My Perfict boy 4 me" and his list of necessary "haves," which include:

-soft hair

-sort of tall or tall

-nice body

-sweet hart

-my friend


-a little stuped

It's unclear what this anonymous girl means by "a little stuped" — self-deprecating? easily outmaneuvered? having bad posture? — but overall you have to admit that for a relationship checklist (almost always an awful idea), this one is pretty not terrible. After all, what girl doesn't want a boy with a sense of humor, a "sweet hart," and soft hair? She did noticably add, then cross off "not that fat" from the list, indicating either an epiphany about priorities, an eerily precocious understanding of the concept of settling, or just a realization of its rhetorical redundancy with "nice body."

But yeah, adorable. Maybe someone can set her up with that How to Talk to Girls kid?