Love Gives Me Hope is the site for those who believe in happily-ever-after

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Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward

The website Love Gives Me Hope, a spinoff of sites like My Life Is Average, has been gaining in popularity throughout its nine-month run. The site gathers very short stories about true love conquering all — and some of them even sound convincingly real:

My best friend, who I have had a crush on for the longest time was telling me one day about all the women at his work who think he's sexy.

After a while, he changed the subject suddenly. When I asked him why.

He blushed, looked me in the eyes and said, "You know that I only have eyes for you."

…representing the first case in history of a long-time best-friend-crush coming on to his best friend.

When my little sister Meg was in elementary school, one little boy called her on the home phone while we were out, and he left her a message.

He proudly exclaimed to the answering machine,"Megan, I just called to say I love you." When she heard it, Meg turned beet red.

But, in a way, this is all old news even though this is the first time we're mentioning it. The reason I'm mentioning it today is because this little piece has been going around the internet and just appeared on the Best Article Every Day page:

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