“Love is a rock” proposal is an antidote to every overblown marriage proposal

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Proposal rock

What do you all think of this marriage proposal, which popped up on the internet recently and was named the Best Article of the Day by, well, The Best Article of the Day website? Love Is A Rock, as it's been dubbed (not to be confused with Rock of Love, which has absolutely nothing to do with "love"), is a deceptively simple marriage proposal, but we noticed a few unusual elements:

1. The rock concept. It's kind of a cliche, isn't it? Of course, you can look at it another way, that using a cliche shows the intended recipient of this letter that you are not forcing out brilliance, you are simply telling it like it is, in simple, unpretentious language that shows how in love you truly are.

2. It's a gimmick, perhaps, but it's a gimmick that's the complete opposite of all those over-the-top marriage proposals, like the synchronized dance party in Greenwich Village and other viral videos. As simple and strange as this is, we love it for its comparative straightforwardness.

3. It's handwritten! We've never heard of a marriage proposal being put in print before, but there must be a certain kind of woman who would absolutely swoon over this.

What do you think? Is this a terrible idea or a brilliant change of pace?