Major bank regulates underwear of female employees

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UBS, the world-class Swiss banking firm, has a lot of thoughts on how ladies should dress to work. They released an insanely specific forty-three-page dress code that dictates what employees should be wearing, down to their underwear.

To make this seem fun and fashion-y, here's a "Hot or Not Hot" list for the ladies of UBS:


  • Flesh-colored bras under white shirts

Not Hot

  • Lacy black bras
  • Skirts that are too tight behind
  • Flashy jewelry
  • Underwear that's "visible against clothing or spilling out of clothing"
  • Tight-fitting shoes ("There is nothing worse than a strained smile")
  • Tattoos
  • Piercings
  • Ankle-chains
  • Visible natural roots
  • Fancy and colored artificial fingernails
  • Ultra-trendy eyewear or too-showy colored glasses
  • Ultra-hip glasses or lenses in too-gaudy colors

That's not even the start of it. There are many, many more tips — like "the ideal time to apply perfume" (directly after hot showers, "when your pores are still open") — all of which you can check out here.