Male chastity device will cost you $15, years of therapy

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Male chastity belt ring

You're probably thinking to yourself: what in the name of all things holy is that evil beast and how can we destroy it? The answer: don't, since we could actually use them for something other than gag gifts.

Gizmodo received a letter from a publicist trying to promote this device, which retails for around $15.52 and comes with instructions… you know, in case you love the key to it when you finally decide to stop being celibate… or you want to "make your partner do a little hard time," yuk yuk yuk.

Not much is known about this nefarious devil, but we did manage to take a screenshot of a description from an untrustworthy website:

chastity belt product info

Scanner PSA: if you're putting something like this around your dick, make sure you know what you're doing. Have fun!