Man arrested for stocking Walmart shelves with pictures of himself in drag

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Walmart and police.

When you find that perfect outfit, you just wish everybody could see you in it. Like, you look good — damn good — and the world needs to know that. One plucky Ohio resident looked so good that he took matters into his own hands by stocking the shelves of Walmart with pictures of himself wearing black nylons, heels, and pink lingerie. Also, his genitals were exposed.

Here's the man, Rodney Kunkel:

Rodney Kunkel.

I know, right? Reporteth the Toledo News-Messenger,

Customers and staff found several photos — inside the store and on cars in the parking lot — of a partially naked man dressed in woman's clothing. Police found twelve photographs after the first incident, and another four in the store's cosmetics department. … Kunkel was arrested after police stopped his vehicle as he was leaving Walmart. The photographs show a man standing in a kitchen wearing black nylons, high heels, and a pink lingerie-type garment. The man's pelvic area and genitals are exposed in the photos, but his face is not shown. Detective Roger Oddo said the investigation revealed the man printed out fifty-eight photos before the first incident Monday.

It's a traumatizing tale and, ultimately, just another reason you should avoid shopping at Walmart.