Man turns into “perfect husband” after brain hemorrhage

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Drunk guy

A 44-year-old man in Britain turned his life around after suffering a brain hemorrhage and turning into the ideal husband. Ken Merryweather says he was a raging alcoholic who got into violent shouting matches with his girlfriend, Tracey, that had her refusing to marry his boozed-up ass.

Then, when morning after an all-night drinking marathon, Tracey found Ken passed out on the floor, half-dead. She revived him but Ken suffered a loss of at least 50% of his memory and had to relearn basic speech and movement. When he emerged from the abyss, Tracey says he had become something of a saint. 

"There are things I can't do now but there are other things I can – I can cross-stitch and I do an awful lot of sewing and cooking."

"I asked if it was down to the alcohol and the doctors said no. It was basically just a time bomb ticking.

"I don't touch a drop now. Tracey says it's turned me into a better person."

Tracey added: "They do say that out of those who survive from a haemorrhage, eight out of 10 relationships go down the pan because people change but I've always said that he couldn't have got any worse." [Sky News] 

And now they're married and may live happily-ever-after.