Fox News contributor Marc Rudov calls for boycott of Valentine’s Day

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 cartoon of man and woman

Marc Rudov, frequent Fox News guest, self-styled "antifeminist," and author of Under the Clitoral Hood: How to Crank Her Engine Without Cash, Booze or Jumper Cables, has declared his boycott of Valentine's Day for the fifth year running, and expects all "real men" to join him. Romance's wet blanket insisted:

"There's nothing romantic about coercing men to oblige female entitlement. Valentine's Day artificially and unilaterally caters to women. It's the media's annual male-bashing-fest."

While hardly a dyed-in-the-wool crackpot, Rudov is definitely swimming against the current on this one. But he's under no illusions about his call for the non-observance of February 14 folkways, which he believes should be cancelled permanently.

"Have I made a dent? Absolutely not! That's because men are wimps and they do what their women want. Guys [celebrate Valentine's Day] because they're afraid they'll get rejected in the bedroom."

Rudov says he was once a victim of "sextortion," but wised up about a decade ago, fed up with the day's "expected generosity."

"Any man who buckles to society's pressure to buy her overpriced flowers or jewelry or meals on February 14 is a eunuch desperate for sex, and he needs to grow a pair. A guy is pressured to shell out dough on Valentine's Day because he doesn't want to be singled out as a cheap bastard, but is a woman cheap if she doesn't buy gifts?"

Rudov isn't completely thoughtless though. He said, "If a man wants to give a woman flowers, he should, but it shouldn't be mandated on a specific day." As an addendum, he said he does have a girlfriend, despite his stance. I hope The Grinch Who Tried To Steal Valentine's Day gets all the chocolates and flowers his heart desires this upcoming Monday.