Marriage before eighteen linked to psychological problems says study, common sense

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A new study has confirmed what most of us probably already know: it's a really, really bad idea to get married as a teenager. Don't tell Courtney Stodden, but women who wed before the age of eighteen are at greater risk for anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder, not to mention drug addiction, drinking, and smoking. Hey, something has to dull the pain of poor decision-making and/or familial pressure. These findings were found to be true even when factors like socioeconomic status and the presence of children were taken into consideration. According to study author, Dr. Yann Le Strat,

"With a 41 percent increased risk of mental disorder, child marriage should be considered a major psychological trauma… My opinion is that being married is usually something wonderful for an adult who makes this important choice. Being married as a child — even in the U.S. — is probably associated with familial pressure [and] sexual coercion by the husband, as it has been described in developing countries. These women require more attention from mental health care."

Forced marriage at any age would probably be enough to drive anyone crazy. Just saying.