Married men who earn less are more likely to sleep around

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Some guys feel emasculated by women who pay for everything. And, strangely, men who make significantly less money than their female companions are more likely to commit The Evil Sin… that is, according to a study from Cornell University that NPR has been reporting on:

Men who are financially dependent on their wives and live-in girlfriends are five times more likely to cheat than those who made the same amount of money, according to a study that looked at trends in infidelity. 

The PhD candidate who wrote the study can't explain it — he admits that you would think it less likely a guy would cheat on someone on whom he's financially dependent. Also, and despite these findings, he'd like to remind us that cheaters are still a rare breed — at least, people who admit to researchers that they cheat are rare.

Well, matters of the heart rarely adhere to hard-boiled logic. When a man makes less than his female partner, the discrepancy can challenge "the traditional notion of men as breadwinners," Munsch writes in her analysis of the results.

So some men may feel the need to prove their manliness on the sly. The trend is particularly strong in subgroups that may hold the idea of traditional masculinity in high regard, like Latino men, she found. [NPR]

Conversely, women who make less money were less likely to cheat on their breadwinner boyfriends or husbands.