Masochistic Pakistani man marries twice in one day

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Double marriage Pakistani

Not content with a lifetime of being tied down to one woman he was barely allowed to know in advance of his marriage, a man in Pakistan decided to marry two women… on the same day.

Azhar Haidri wanted to marry his childhood sweetheart but his family would not allow it. After almost eloping and getting himself disowned, Haidri did what many in Islamic nations do: he married his childhood sweetheart and the woman his family wanted to marry.

But what got the attention of, first, the national media, which covered his nuptials like CNN would a Chilean mine evacuation, and, second, the BBC and other international outlets is Haidri's decision to marry them both in back-to-back ceremonies. Surprisingly, both women agreed to the matches and to share their special day with another bride: their husband's.

Both women appear to have given their consent to the compromise and say they plan to live as sisters and friends.

"I am happy that we both love the same man," Ms Aslam told AP.

Mr Haidri, a herbal medicine practitioner, counts himself lucky.

"It is also very rare that two women are happily agreeing to marry one man," he said. [BBC]

May they live happily-ever-after, whatever that means these days.