New study: How much money do men and women spend on dates?

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A new survey of over 550 single men and women by offers some insight into the cost of dating in America in these tough economic times. Apparently, men are way overestimating the amount of ducats they're expected to shell out. Relationship "Expert" Whitney Casey explains:

"When it comes to dating, men are three times more likely to think there are high expectations on how much money they need to spend. But that isn't the case. Women said it doesn't matter to them how much men spend on a date. In fact, most women don't want expensive dates; they'd prefer something more casual."

Tell that to those golddiggers on Jerry Springer.

Forty-six percent of women said they weren't concerned with how much their potential partner spends on a date, and were in fact cool with a guy using a coupon. So guys, even if you don't need a dental implant, your carpet cleaned, an oil change, or a new gym membership, it still might come in handy to hold onto your Valpak next time it arrives in the mail. But simple math tells us that fifty-four percent of women won't find a Sizzler romantic either, so keep that in mind. 

We learn that over half of men are spending more than fifty bucks on a date, while the rest are doing something sneaky-frugal, like having the ol' picnic in the park, featuring generic cheddar cheese and wine in plastic cups. Women, though, are three times more likely to pay only twenty-five dollars or less on a date, so chivalry is not dead. And women do spend more money than men just preparing for the date, so if a lady with champagne tastes winds up with a Sizzler-coupon guy, we know who the loser is there.

Eighty-two percent of singles said they were more interested in their date if they left a generous tip. So taking care of your server after a big plate of oysters… you do the math. Conversely, seventy-four percent of singles indicated that credit-card debt in excess of $5,000 was an anti-aphrodisiac. So basically, that plastic is both a good wingman and a cockblocker simultaneously.