Men are moving abroad to live with their mail-order brides

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Thailand mail-order bride
The global recession may not have ended the "mail-order bride" phenenomon, but, in places, it has reversed it. Once upon a time, creepy foreign men would go to Thailand and bring their mail-order brides back to the good 'ol US of A. Now, however, according to a New York Times story, with the economy slow to come back and many men of the mail-order sort living on pensions and fixed incomes, men end up shipping themselves abroad instead. The article profiles a region in Northeastern Thailand, where entire neighborhoods are populated by imported white men and their Thai brides.
Only some aspects of the dynamic have changed, however. The American man profiled by the article said that his primary reason for choosing a Thai wife was a chance to live with women who are a lot like American women fifty years ago. You know, before Western women became "strong headed and opinionated."