Gen-X men cook more, but knife-fight and bareknuckle box less than their fathers

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A shocking trend is sweeping across America. Men are cooking. And they're not doing it just to get laid. 

A new report out by the University of Michigan has been following the food habits of 3,000 Gen X men over the last twenty-five years. Prepare yourself — what they've found might shock you. Time Magazine explains: 

"Gen X men are more involved in all aspects of meal preparation — from grocery shopping to cooking — than their fathers were. These men spend more time in the kitchen than their dads did, cooking about eight meals a week and buying groceries more than one a week."

More than once a week? That's some serious grocery shopping. But lest you think all these men are farmers'-market-foodies, it turns out that most of them are probably just normal people who know how to boil water. Only 9% of men in the study said they prefer to buy organic, and few have a knowledge of what GMO foods are. Here are some of the study's other key findings:

• On average, Generation Xers cook meals for guests about once a month and talk to friends about food or cooking about six times a month.
• Married women cook the most and prepare about twelve meals a week. Single women cook about ten meals a week and both married and single men cook about eight meals weekly.

Phew, it's reassuring to know Gen X ladies are still stretched good and thin. At least now their men have some useful household skills, like knowing how to make their own microbrews. But does this represent the shocking death of the American male ideal as represented by John Wayne, Gregory Peck, and Truman Capote Norman Mailer? Or is it just that we're realizing that long-entrenched gender roles serve only to cut us off from the rich tapestry of life experiences available to us as twenty-first century Real Human Beings?

It's probably the former. Dr. John Ardizzone, of the Family Institute at Northwestern University, says that this probably represents a larger trend:

The men in this age group definitely do more work in the home, and more cooking for sure. They also help out more with their kids than you would stereotypically expect of men. They are putting their kids to bed and giving them baths. They share in chores and responsibilities.

Just… sickening.