Men look at bodies before faces when considering female partners

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Bikini bodies

Last month, I told you about a study that claimed women prefer a sense of humor over good looks, although many readers pointed out that they are never happy with just one of the two. Now comes a similar study that involves men, one night stands, body image issues, pretty faces and sex — just a few of our favorite things. The results, I have to say, are going to cause some grumblings in the comments section, for sure.

[R]esearchers at the University of Texas at Austin asked 375 men and women who they'd like to date for the short or long term, based on a series of photos.

The catch: subjects could choose to see either the person's face or body, but not both. Asked who they'd like a short-term relationship with, men were more likely to look at a woman's body.

But when told to think long-term, they preferred the face. Here's Wallop's ultra-depressing summary: "Scientists found that men will only study a woman's face if they are looking for a wife, rather than a short-term partner." [Jezebel]

(Side note: Damn, Austin's really been ratcheting it up in the news today. Is this a sign we should move there or something?)