Miami residents having the most sex in the nation

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Miami Vice

All the good-looking people of Miami could have told you this years ago: they live in the city that has the most sex.

According to a study conducted by scientists at Trojan Condoms (we were kidding about them being scientists), Miami's residents get it on at a rate of about 102 times per year and last about 35 minutes. In other news, Miami is the #1 city for people who lie on surveys.

Other highlights from the Trojan press release, a phrase which sounds hilarious for some reason on this early Monday morning:

Minneapolis wins for the least amount of sex in a year and Phoenix wins for the quickest per copulation.

Denver was the city most "up for sex regardless of temperature," with New York close behind.

More people have had sex outdoors in Seattle and outdoors in the rain in Houston than any other city. (How often does it rain in Houston again?)

See the full results here.