Michigan teacher who simulated oral sex in personal pics gets her job back

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Anna Land blow job pics

Michigan teacher Anna Land, removed from her job after performing oral sex on a dildo during a weekend party, has been allowed back to work after a court ruling. Land's job at the L'Anse Creuse Middle School had been in limbo since 2005 after a photo surfaced of the instructor having fun with a mannequin equipped with a plastic penis.

The event, it should be pointed out, was a boating party attended only by adults and held in a marina outside of school hours.

It's a story so old I can't even find my original Nerve story reporting on the trial, if I actually wrote one at all. (The memory is a bit hazy with all these teacher sex scandals clogging my brain.) I can't even be sure which if any of the photos from the event (like the one above) show Land at all. You can take a look at the entire set here

Anyway, here's more on the court ruling:

…the district wanted the court to evaluate if the teacher's off-duty misconduct, which was not criminal in nature and did not directly involve students, compromised her ability to establish sufficient teacher-student rapport.

"The school district is disappointed that the Supreme Court did not consider this case to be of sufficient importance to be reviewed," [attorney] Albertson said. "The district does feel that this is an unfortunate result. Apparently, the State Tenure Commission does not consider the off-duty misconduct of teachers to be a relevant consideration regarding their continued employment." [Detroit News]

Five years and all you wanted was an evaluation if it hurt her ability to develop rapport? I'd say letting the entire state know about the photos and keeping her from working for five years probably hurt her ability to connect way more.