Miss Universe lifts ban on transgendered contestants.

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The Miss Universe organization announced today that they will reverse their ban on transgendered contestants. The decision is, of course, directly related to the case of Jenna Talackova, a transgendered Miss Universe hopeful from Canada. Originally, the Miss Universe organization was going to only allow Talackova to compete, providing that she "[met] the legal gender recognition requirements of Canada, and the standards established by other international competitions." (Requirements that include never having had testicles, presumably.) They've since included all transgender people in the decision.

Penis owner Donald Trump (who's also co-owner of the Miss Universe competition) used the debacle to brag about his penis to Gloria Allred, because alerting someone taking legal action against him of the self-described immensity of his genitals is a thing that I knew Donald Trump would do before he even did it. 

Allred was acting as Talackova's lawyer to get her into the competition, but Trump and the Miss Universe organization insisted, "the change is in spite of, not because of, legal threats from women's rights lawyer Gloria Allred," instead giving credit to GLAAD for the change.

This is a great landmark for the transgendered movement. Talackova deserves to be in the competition because, well, she is a woman. But really, is this that important of a thing to fight for? I mean, I understand it's an issue of equal rights, but is getting into Miss Universe really imperative? It's not like she was being legally denied the ability to hold a political position, or get a job. She was being denied entry into a horrifying mixture of glamor, eating disorders, and Donald Trump. Either way, hopefully Talackova won't just be known as "the transgendered contestant," and her "talent" will stand for itself in the competition.