Missouri church tries to improve sex lives of married couples

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The Ignite Church in Joplin, Missouri wants to fan the flames of marital passion, believing that sub-par sex lives lead to adultery and pornography viewing. The church has put up billboards advertising a sex series they're running that encourages married couples to have more sex in order to avoid sinful temptations. They also feature videos on their not-very-churchly-sounding website,

This is actually a pretty refreshing and logical stance from the church, as it doesn't involve any fabricated nonsense about the consequences of pleasure. Ignite Church's lead pastor, Heath Mooneyham, said the message is about love, and God's purpose for it, and that eighty-six percent of respondents in a church website poll said that the amount of sex in their marriage wasn't up to snuff.

Predictably, not everyone in the Bible Belt town is onboard with how the church is going about their business. Referring to one of the billboards located near a Sonic restaurant, Joplin resident Veronica Warren said:

"There's no way ever I would take my kids to a church with a big sign advertising sex. People bring their kids to Sonic and their kids are going to look at that sign and say, 'Mommy what's that mean? and, oh my God, and then that parent has to explain. You got a lot of people's attention now, but you made a lot of people mad."

Despite the complaints, Mooneyham is unapologetic, maintaining that that's the reality of today's world, with kids already exposed to sex at an early age, so why not have them exposed to it in church? "God created it and he's not freaked out by it. So I don't see why we should be," he said. What does everyone think? Is the church overstepping its boundaries here, or merely adapting to a less repressed twenty-first century?