MTV’s Teen Mom advertiser is covert pro-life advocate

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As if the glorification of struggling teen mothers on MTV's Teen Moms wasn't disturbing enough, we now know how MTV guarantees a continued casting pool. Just ask their advertiser,, whose ad promotes their site as a safe haven for young women facing the issues of unplanned teen pregnancy. You just go to the site, get redirected to, get a number to call, think you'll get some educated information about possible choices, leave a message for a mystery human, and then comes the help! Don't worry, girls — there's a women's clinic nearby that can help you. It'll be confidential, make you feel like you're not alone, and — oh yeah — remind you that if you take Plan B you're a baby murderer. But really, teen moms, don't worry. They're here to help. And you'll need it, because as helpfully points out, you will forever suffer the spiritual consequences of aborting your super-cute fetus.