Without even making an attempt at subtlety, the Wall Street Journal recently published an article titled, "Meet the Marriage Killer," warning women (experts say it's usually them!) who are big naggy nagsters to stop nagging if they don't want their asses thrown to the curb. Because nagging can be just as threatening to a marriage as adultery and bad finances (experts say, damn it!). So married ladies, if you want to keep a ring on it, listen up:

It is possible for husbands to nag, and wives to resent them for nagging. But women are more likely to nag, experts say, largely because they are conditioned to feel more responsible for managing home and family life. And they tend to be more sensitive to early signs of problems in a relationship. When women ask for something and don't get a response, they are quicker to realize something is wrong. The problem is that by asking repeatedly, they make things worse.

Women. Always nagging and making things worse. And poor men! Can never escape from their mothers, not even when they move out of the house and get married (because men live with their mothers until then these days, right? Since we're playing the mid-twentieth-century stereotype game), because their wives will inevitably become their mothers. Their always-nagging mothers. Nag nag nag.

Men are to blame, too, because they don't always give a clear answer. Sure, a husband might tune his wife out because he is annoyed; nagging can make him feel like a little boy being scolded by his mother. But many times he doesn't respond because he doesn't know the answer yet, or he knows the answer will disappoint her.

But, you know, I think the WSJ picked the worst possible example to show how "toxic" nagging can be. They interviewed a New Jersey woman named Janet Pfeiffer who put a Post-It in the sandwich she packed her husband for lunch, telling him to meet her at Home Depot at 6 p.m. When her constant nagging became too much of a problem in their marriage, she did what any normal person would do: put Post-Its on everything. I don't know about the rest of the Wall Street Journal's readers, but I'm pretty sure that from now on, I'm going to insist on always packing sandwiches for my roommate (and, eventually, for whichever man ends up tolerating me for an extended period of time) just so I can stick Post-Its in them.

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Jan 27 12 - 2:23pm

Guys don't like women who nag them all the time. Deal with the reality, or be alone forever.


Jan 27 12 - 2:39pm

this article and (the study it is writing about) is sexist. Fine, go ahead tell me I need to get "laid" now. DareYA!

Jan 27 12 - 2:42pm

I'm waiting for the triple-dog-dare. I know - slight breach of etiquette skipping the steps in between...

Jan 27 12 - 3:34pm

I think there's a hefty dollop of sarcasm to it. But yeah, you should probably get laid.

Jan 27 12 - 3:24pm
Dookie Braids

It's not merely the nagging, it's that a large number of women seemingly have no concept that their lashing out can alienate their mate, friends, or family. To them, part of the deal in having any type of relationship with them requires a person to be subjected to their mood swings and nastiness. Call them on it and they'll cry or accuse you of being non-supportive. There's too much Vaseline in the world to put up with that crap.

Jan 27 12 - 3:25pm

This was a shocker..

Jan 27 12 - 7:29pm
and havatega

a Man = Superman
Nagging = Kryptonite.

Jan 28 12 - 8:47am

*sigh* My girlfriend started nagging tomorrow morning when I greeted her with a smile and went on with it when we went to the supermarket. Corner of the mouth always down. I decided to spend the rest of the day alone.

Jan 28 12 - 9:44am
Mr. Man

Generally speaking, men seem to learn earlier that not all things in life can be solved by talking, or solved at all. We become resolved. Women often feel the need to examine every aspect of something that doesn't seem to be working in excruciating detail, usually egged on by moronic friends. Ladies, the truth is you can't handle the truth. You're sleeping next to a tender lover and killer rolled together. Or an emasculated wimp. The deeper you dig the more contradictions you'll uncover, including your own. Most people can't handle their contradictory nature and end up lashing at their partner instead. I'd say 1% of people or less really know how primal the whole thing is.

Jan 28 12 - 3:48pm

Wow. The WSJ article was a billion times more interesting, analytical, well-balanced and fair to women than this comment section. You guys are ridiculous. "Generally speaking, men are both introspective and do not need to analyze themselves; women are idiots with the temper of children and the introspective capabilities of fleas."

No one likes to be nagged. It's inherently patronizing. But so is generalizing an entire half of the world based on your ex-girlfriends (totally a valid sample size!), and assuming that you know more about people that you've never met than they themselves do, because they are just incapable of handling your raw, manly, primal truth.

Mar 02 12 - 2:40am

Well said.

That last line there made me laugh.

Jan 28 12 - 8:52pm

The one with the pussy makes the rules...

Mar 09 12 - 3:36am

I'm loving the "raw, manly, primal truth." And sad but true, the one with the pussy does make the rules. And to Mr. Man's, "Women often feel the need to examine every aspect of something that doesn't seem to be working in excruciating detail, usually egged on by moronic friends. Ladies, the truth is you can't handle the truth. You're sleeping next to a tender lover and killer rolled together."
I would gladly point out that women need to examine everything in such detail because most men don't. And are you arguing that the behavior of men is not egged on by moronic friends? That is hilarious. And you best believe most women can handle the truth. Why bother examining every aspect of something if we didn't want to know the truth? Hmm.. And if men can handle the the truth so well (because they are so primal), why do they get offended when women say they suck in bed? After all, because of the primal superiority of the male species, there is no possibility that a woman could ever be responsible for a man's lack of talent in the sack. To assume that women are the only ones sleeping next to "a tender lover and killer rolled together" is naive. Why? Well, because a woman's pussy makes her a tender lover, but her nagging makes her a killer. "Woe is me" said he with the Little Man Syndrome.