National Health Service in trouble for pro-condom porn videos

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Say No To Condoms video

The National Health Service, Britain's publicly-funded healthcare organization, is in trouble with parents for a series of condom PSA videos that some are calling "pornographic".

Certainly the content is very erotic and includes a raunchy (but not graphic) sex scene in bed, but the videos are clearly helpful. They lure the teenage audience in with sexy content, then keep them hooked through a kind of "Choose Your Own Adventure" series that carries them through a set of YouTube videos about the pros and cons of using condoms.

Of course, according to the videos, there aren't any cons. Clicking to continue through a scenario in which condoms are used results in a healthy outcome for the characters in the series, while avoiding using them results in slaps on the back from cheeseball male friends but an STD for the protagonist.

Say yes to condoms

"Do you want the condoms or don't you?" Uh, yes, Miss Way Too Skinny And Modelish To Be Working Here.

I started here, with this video, which is the most NSFW of all of them, then continued through a few more PG-13/R-rated clips. (I believe they call that "15" in Britain.)