Neanderthals had more sex than you, according to study

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Bad news: despite their bony foreheads, unibrows, and relatively limited brainpower, our evolutionary ancestors had more sex than we do. Researchers at the University of Liverpool measured ratios of finger length on Neanderthal skeletons, which indicate levels of male hormones and are therefore tied to competitiveness and promiscuity., which broke the story, even went so far as to include an oblique joke about fingering — an opportunity they probably don't get every day.

Later proto-human species cut back on the loose behavior, but as the article points out, that trend didn't apply across all evolutionary branches. Our cousins, modern great apes, are well-known for their lechery, and a 2005 study even reported that rhesus monkeys will "pay" (in precious fruit juice) for pictures of female hindquarters. (Don't they have the internet? Who pays for porn anymore?)