Nerve Dating poll: Are there any books you’re embarrassed to read in public?

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Everyone's new favorite softcore-BDSM-erotic-novel-aimed-at-women, Fifty Shades of Grey, was all over the news this week. It was also probably all over the subway, but you didn't notice because women now have stealthy e-books

While some people are perfectly comfortable reading literary classics like K'Wan's Flexin' and Sexin' on the A train, others prefer to keep their preferences a little more discreet. So we asked Nerve Dating members: do you own any books you feel sheepish about?

Reassuringly, our open-minded users answered with a resounding "hell no." 83% of you said that your life is an open book, and so are your books. Good for you, you sexy literate heathens. I wish I could say I've read softcore porn in public too, but alas, the most shameful thing I've read lately was The Help

13% of Nerve Dating members took the middle road, saying there are just a few things you'd prefer people don't know you read. By this I can only assume you probably mean you're totally on the third book of The Hunger Games.  

And just 4% of you answered that yes, you are embarrassed to read certain things in public because you own some scandalous stuff. Either you went to Catholic school or you are actually cooler than the rest of us. Care to share some suggestions? Without any banned books list round these parts, it's hard to know where the good reading is these days. 

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