Nerve poll: Are you still attracted to the same kind of people you were in high school?

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Some people never grow up. A Please Advise article mentioned a guy afraid to bring his wife to his high-school reunion out of the fear she'd find out too much about his former self. We wondered how much people resembled their high-school selves, so we asked Nerve Daters if they were still attracted to the same kind of people they were in high school.

7% of people said they still like the same "type" as they did in high school. That means 7% of voters want to date the person with the coolest LiveJournal and the nicest fitted baseball cap.

About 57% said they're interested in a "more mature" version of the type they liked in high school. So assuming the rest of their high schools haven't been orbiting in space since graduation, that means they're probably still attracted to the same actual people they were in high school. Those people aged too, you know, even if you still picture them in the cafeteria. (Personally, I graduated at the bottom of my class of Astronaut High, so all my classmates are orbiting in space.) (Not really.)

Lastly, 36% said that they're interested into totally different types than they were in high school. One voter said "I was definitely more concerned with looks in high school. Now I'm mostly interested in a stellar personality." But of course, if you want to meet someone with both, Nerve's got you covered.