Nerve Dating poll: Would you ever date a coworker?

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After we re-released the first episode of Lena Dunham's Nerve web series Tight Shots, in which horny film students intermingle like horny film students, we started wondering how you felt about relationships with the people you work with. Do they always end in disaster, or should you not let the fact that you work together get in the way of destiny? Is your work relationship doomed to turn out like Jim and Pam from The Office, with some boring marriage and pregnancy, or will it turn out awesome, like Bill and Monica, where one of you gets to host a reality show?

Over at Nerve Dating, we posed the question, "Is it always bad to sleep with a coworker?" The answers were pretty decisive: Nerve Dating members were generally open to dating within the workplace, with over half of our daters voting "No, why rule out the possibility of love?" and only a third voting, "Yes, it usually ends in disaster." About 15% said maybe; we're guessing these equivocal types are the least likely to get bent over the copy machine.

Some users noted personal experience; one noted they'd had resign from a job, but it was worth it. One Nerve Dater reminds us not to "piss in the well you drink from," but you probably shouldn't be drinking out of a well anyway.

If you don't want to have to dip into the coworker dating pool, why not dip into the Nerve Dating pool instead? Nerve Dating comes with a guarantee that none of its users will pee in your source of drinking water.