Nerve Dating poll: Do “mama’s boys” do better in relationships?

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Kate Lombardi's new book The Mama's Boy Myth claims that men who have close, strong relationships with their mothers do better in relationships. So we asked some Nerve Daters about the validity of the claim. Mama's boys: send 'em over, or keep 'em for yourself?

Most of you, around 60%, agreed that mama's boys are better in relationships, but warned that you have to watch out for the potential overbearing mom. You don't want the mother-son relationship to be too strong, or you'll have to compete for his time. Guys, take note: girls like it when you and Mom are buds. (Make sure to spend a lot of time talking about how much you love your mom the next time you're on a date. It's foolproof.) A female voter said, "I know a guy who takes care of his mom will take care of me."

A smaller but significant bloc of voters, almost 40%, warned against guys who love their moms too much — they can be too needy, or unable to standup for themselves. One said "you gotta cut that umbilical cord sometime: those things aren't supposed to cross state lines." Another voter pointed out that many of his or her friends "have hot moms!," an observation while not relevant, is certainly thought-provoking.

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