Nerve Dating poll: Do nice guys really finish last?

"Nice guys finish last." It's as timeless a proverb as the classic "bros before hos." But in a world where Barack Obama is President of the United States and Jason Segel is a leading man, is it really true? 

We asked Nerve Dating members, who as it turns out, are decidedly pro-nice guy. 50% of you answered that the idea that nice guys finish last is a total myth. (And one member added, "Nice guy in the front, naughty in the back." I'm not sure what that means, but thanks for that.)

44% of Nerve Dating members said that while nice guys don't always finish last, they can be at a big disadvantage. One Nerve Dating member commented that "the definition of 'nice' is certainly debatable these days." That's a good point — not to mention that being "nice" isn't always the nice thing to do. Which is confusing. Another member advised, "You just gotta know when to be nice and when to crush your opposition." I think I just got a contact testosterone high. Hot.

Only 6% answered that yes, jerks rule the world and nice guys finish last in it. That would be the Dick Cheney/John Mayer outlook on our society, I guess.

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Commentarium (7 Comments)

Apr 13 12 - 12:39pm

Oh do I ever hate the whole "nice guy" thing! If the only thing you can bring to the table is "nice" then yes, you will finish last. Most people can act nice especially when trying to attract another.
To say "but I'm a nice guy why can't I get a date" is like saying "well I shower why can't I get a date". Big whoop.

Apr 13 12 - 1:08pm

If you're a woman, I gotta ask:

How many orgasms have you faked?

If you're a man, stop being bitter and learn to use your fingers.

Apr 13 12 - 12:44pm

Of course nice guys finish last. Ideally after she has come more more than once..

Apr 14 12 - 1:18pm

Obama is the biggest dick in the world (that's a good thing). What does him being president have to do with nice guys finishing last?

Apr 16 12 - 2:03pm

No, nice guys DO finish last. Women (and men as well) just don't like to admit that they prefer people to be mean to them. It makes them feel naughty.

Apr 17 12 - 4:05am

if you're just being nice to get something else that's called manipulation. If you're so nice you don't respect your needs or tell someone theyre a jerk, then you're a wussbag. That's not "nice guys finishing last" that's being spineless.

The idea that women like jerks is ludicrous. Nobody likes people who are mean to them. Women just like somebody who's exciting, keeps things spicy.

Apr 17 12 - 9:14am

Nice guys finish last cos they let the women they are sexing finish first. True Story.