Nerve Dating poll: How much should your parents’ opinions matter in your relationships?

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If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my… mom? Outside of the world of pornography, that's a complicated scenario. Nerve just ran a piece by a guy whose girlfriend's mom walked in on them in a compromising situation. Which got us thinking, life-scarring moments aside, how much should your parents' opinions weigh in your relationships?

The resounding answer? "Stop telling me what to do! God! You're the worst!" Or at least the adult version of that. 80% of Nerve Dating members said their parents' opinions don't matter all that much because "I'm in the relationship, not them." Take that, Dad. Of course, things can be difficult if your parents hate your choice of mate. "I'm an adult and make my own decisions," one Nerve Dating member commented. "That being said, life would be more difficult if my parents disapproved. It wouldn't be a dealbreaker, but an annoyance certainly."

15% of you took the middle ground and said your parents' opinions matter — somewhat. "My parents know me pretty well, so I value their opinion," one Nerve Dating member commented. That's adorable, and probably wise. "My parents are so awesome they wouldn't say anything until we broke up," another member commented. Well, that's always helpful. Modern times also mean some of you find that the dating advice goes both ways. "Actually, I'm trying to have more influence on my Dad's dating choices," one user said. 

A mere 5% of you laid down the law and said "If my parents like you, we're breaking up." We're not sure what happened to you as children, but we like you wounded types. Tell us more. 

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