Nerve Dating poll: Does it matter to you if your partner makes more money?

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Everyone likes it when their partner treats them to dinner every once in awhile, but what if they treated you every time (or vice-versa)? Would that be a problem, or a blessing? We asked Nerve Dating members: for whichever gender, is it uncomfortable when one partner makes significantly more than the other?

Maybe it’s because rent is due in a week, but most of you would be fine with a partner who's got a little junk in their checking-account trunk. A whopping 86% of you answered, "No, people can support each other in other ways." So mo' money, not necessarily mo' problems.

One user commented, "Depends on the personalities. I grew up with a mom who made a lot more than my dad and it was mostly fine." Several male voters expressed a desire to be a stay-at-home dad, while another asked the age-old question, "Who doesn’t want a SugaMama?"

14% of Nerve Dating members were more hesitant about a wage gap, voting that "Yes, sometimes it leads to resentment." One user quipped, "You can change human nature, but you can’t make it turn on a dime." Another commented that she gets annoyed "when I see guys who earn lots more money than me but are obviously at the same intelligence level." (Funny she should notice that, because as it turns out the average woman only earns 78 cents to a man’s dollar for the same job.)

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