Nerve Dating poll: Have you ever gotten back together with an ex?

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On Bob Odenkirk's new Adult Swim pilot, Let's Do This, Odenkirk's character has remarried his ex-wife. (Note: Let's Do This is hilarious, and you have no reason to not go watch it right now. I mean, read the rest of this article first, then go watch it.) We asked Odenkirk for wisdom regarding getting back together with an ex, and he gave it to us. But then we thought we'd kick the question to Nerve Daters, so we asked if you've ever gotten back together with an ex.

A full 75% had gotten back together with a lost love. Of those 75%, there was almost a perfect fifty-fifty breakdown between those who said it'd been a mistake, and those who said "It worked better the second time." This scientifically proves (by the laws of statistics) that if you get back together with an ex, you have a fifty-fifty chance of the relationship succeeding. The other quarter of voters said, "No, and I think it's a bad idea." Bob Odenkirk agrees — actually, his exact words were, "There are many young men out there who are available and extremely horny, and you should go chaperone one of them." If you're ready to move forward yourself, head for Nerve Dating.