Nerve Dating poll: How do phone calls figure into your romantic life?

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It's 2012. We — you know, humankind or whatever — have a myriad of ways to communicate. We have email, texting, Facebook, BBM, Twitter, shouting. Communication has never been easier, at the same time, communication has never been more complex. What's the telephone's place in all this? Spurred by this study on gender, dating, and phone use, we asked our Nerve Daters how phone calls play into their romantic life.

Almost half said that while they value phone calls for "catching up," they're done after ten minutes — long conversations aren't meant for the phone. One Dater noted, "I'll talk on the phone, but if we're having a long conversation I'd rather speak in person. I am a texter though."

About a third of voters said they don't like to talk on the phone at all. One said "Ow! My ear hurts, and you're giving me cancer." (Apparently when people hear "phone," they don't even jump to landline anymore — the assumption is cell phone. Unless, of course, this voter has some warlock friend who can give you cancer through the telephone lines. God, sometimes I feel like everyone has a warlock friend but me.)

Only a little more than a tenth of our Daters really love long phone calls. I imagine these telephone devotees sit, stomachs down on their beds, pink pajamas on, legs up, alternately twirling the cord around their fingers and painting their nails, refusing to text or videochat, preferring the intimacy of having sweet nothings whispered into their ears by their sweethearts, or exchanging gossip with their BFFs. Okay, I got a little carried away there.

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