Nerve Dating poll: How important is it to you that your partner cooks?

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A new study says that Generation X men are more likely to cook than the men of generations previous. So we were wondering — how much does someone's ability (and/or willingness) to cook factor into your interest in dating them? 

70% of Nerve Dating members said that cooking is important to a partner, but not because they want to be fed: they want a shared interest. Cooking is a great shared "activity;" there's a lot of pleasure to be had in finding great ingredients, researching new recipes, and so on. (Shopping for gourmet foods also works if you're single. Imagine, you could be walking to your brownstone with your plain paper bag with a baguette sticking out of it, and then a hole rips on the bottom, and all your oranges roll out, all over the street, then a sexy but non-threatening member of the gender(s) that sexually interests you sees you and helps you pick up the oranges, and you bump your heads together and then giggle, and then he or she says he or she loves using orange rind in his or her favorite roasted-beets-with-balsamic-glaze dish, and then you fuck in the street. Seriously, just imagine it.)

About 14% of respondents said they'd handle the cooking, as long as the partner did the dishes. Conversely, only about 16% of voters said they wanted to date someone who cooked so that they could be cooked for, arguing that they need someone to cook for them due to sheer incompetence. (One member cited difficulty with understanding "pinches and drizzles.") If you frequently overcook boiled water, it might benefit you to date a Julia Child type. Also, that accent is sexy! Just keep in mind that for every Anthony Bourdain, there's a Guy Fieri.

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