Nerve Dating poll: How important is it to you that your partner is a good dancer?

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After Carlton from The Fresh Prince led an L.A. crowd in a rendition of his famous dance, we asked Nerve members how important dancing skills are in a relationship. 

62% replied, "They don't have to be good, but they have to dance," sending shivers down the spines of those awkward wallflower-types who are perfectly content hanging out in the corner gingerly sipping from their glasses of Diet Coke. One respondent added, "Dancing like a fool is so fun," stealthily leaving out "especially if you're balls-to-the-wall drunk."

There are still those who date people for their personality, sense of humor, and good looks, voting, "I'm not dating your sense of rhythm." The 30% of Nerve members who answered that question may agree that being a good dancer is a nice add-on, but not necessary in making a successful relationship, though one member did add, "That said… I do love to dance and especially closely."

Hey. Everyone deserves a close dance. Nobody puts baby in the corner. 

For the 8% of you who answered, "Very, I love dancing," know that there's someone out there for you who will gladly take your hand, sing in the rain, flashdance, do a little dirty dancing and, uh, go footloose.

Whoever you're looking for, Nerve Dating is a good place to find them.