Nerve poll: How long would you sit through a bad date out of courtesy?

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A story on Nerve this week involved a woman's attempt to force herself to give her cruddy blind date an hour before calling the thing off. We wanted to know if other daters were as generous, so we asked Nerve members how long they'd sit through a bad date out of courtesy.

About 60% had high tolerances for awkwardness — they said they'd sit through the entire hypothetical meal, maybe skipping dessert. (To me, it seems silly to skip the dessert — you ate your veggies and listened to awkward dinner ramblings, so why not reap the potentially chocolatey benefits?) One voter, arguing on behalf of the basic conventions of storytelling, said "You have to give them a chance — the first hour is just the opening act." 

35% of our Daters said they'd give the date about two drinks before bailing. (The benefit of the drinks is that by the time you're through your second one, the first one is just starting to kick in. And you don't have to worry about getting spinach stuck in your teeth, unless you're really into spinachtinis.) One voter observed, "A date is supposed to be enjoyable — if you're not having fun, why bother?"

Only 5% said they'd bail instantly if necessary, claiming that they could tell immediately if someone wasn't right for them. I disagree. The first few minutes of the 1985 film Repo Man aren't too great, but if you sit and watch the whole thing, you're going to have a fun time. There's no reason not to give someone a chance.