Nerve Dating poll: Have you ever dated someone much taller or shorter than you?

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Were you scandalized when J.K. Rowling whipped out the controversial relationship between giant Hagrid and slightly-more-giant giant Olympe Maxime? Then you'll definitely be scandalized by the results of our latest Nerve Dating poll. 

One of our readers asked Miss Information about height and dating, so we asked Nerve Dating users if they'd ever dated anyone much taller or shorter than them.

More than 70% of our daters said that they had dated someone outside their height group, and most of them felt it wasn't a big deal. A little more than a quarter of our daters have only dated members of their own height group, with half of those saying they'd be willing to go for someone taller or shorter than themselves. Our most astute member reminded us that "we're all the same height lying down."

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