Nerve poll: Is it worth dating a person if they’re doomed to leave you?

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After we featured an article about the manic pixie dream girl/guy phenomenon (or, as we like to call it, getting 500-Days-Of-Summer'd), we asked our readers if the subsequent heartbreak is worth dating a person for a short period of time. 

20% of you said that you would, in fact, not be into the idea and want something more substantial and concrete. For the most part, Nerve members are thinking about the all-too-familiar aftermath:

"Been there. Done that."

"The heartache isn't the problem. It's the whimsicalness." 

(What do you people have against singing The Smiths in elevators and whispering sweet little nothings to each other upon frozen lakes?)

For the 80% of you who answered "Yes – experience always trumps a broken heart," you went on to celebrate those little moments in life that make you happy, realizing that there will always be ones who got away:

"In my life there have always been serendipitous reunions and even if not, though a little schmaltzy, that person will always live on in my head and my heart." 

"We always learn from experience. However, it depends on what point in your life you are in."

First off, kudos on using the word "schmaltzy" in describing a past love; second, kudos on learning from your "mistakes." Some of the greatest romantic insight can be acquired from the antithesis of a healthy relationship. And what is a healthy relationship anyway? Sanity is in the eye of the beholder. If you're looking to behold some eyes, do so on Nerve.