Nerve Dating poll: Is it crazy to spend a lot on one night out?

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Did you enjoy your prom? If you're hoping to star in an indie rom-com someday, sorry, but your answer should probably be no. But regardless of what going to prom might do for your future street cred, most people still partake in this rite of passage. In fact, new data finds that American teenagers are spending an average of $1078 on their proms. So we asked Nerve Dating members: is spending that kind of money on your prom crazy?

83% of you answered that yes, that's bananas. It's your prom, not your wedding. One Nerve Dating member went even further and commented that "Not even a wedding should cost that much." Another user said "My freshman year of college cost less" while another commented "Early training for life indebtedness. Nice." One Nerve Dating member pointed out that "You're gonna most likely be drunk anyway, what's the point?" True, but maybe that's really why proms are so expensive these days. All that passing the Courvoiseier ain't cheap.

But 13% of you were more forgiving of big teenage spenders, saying if you want to have a big night with your friends, why shouldn't you? One user noted the economic stimulus potential here, commenting "Jobs for limo drivers!" Not to mention hairdressers. Ladies need to get their hair did.

However much you want to spend, you can recreate your prom with an attractive stranger from Nerve Dating.