Nerve Dating poll: is voluntary illiteracy a dealbreaker?

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In a recent Nerve interview, someone said that they broke up with a partner for not reading. We wanted to know if more of you felt the same way, so we threw the poll to Nerve Daters. How important is it to you that your partner be a reader?

A miniscule 12% said that as long as someone can read, it doesn't matter if they do. Almost three quarters of you said it's "sort of" important. A sentiment I, as a Chaucersexual (someone who is only sexually attracted to Geoffrey Chaucer) can hardly relate to. The problem is that, in today's increasingly rarified world of media, "books" is not a shared interest anymore than "music" is. You can tell someone you like to read, and they might respond to your speech about David Foster Wallace with an impassioned endorsement of James Patterson.

A handful of our voters said it's very important to date a reader, which is great. These people have really picked up on the John Waters quote I used for the thumbnail of this article. If you can't read it on the homepage, here it is:

We need to make books cool again. If you go home with somebody and they don't have books, don't fuck them. 


Lastly, one voter said they "love literary pick-up lines!" What are your favorite pick-up lines from books? Office favorites are below.

If you were fifteen years younger, I'd let you call me Humbert Humbert.

Are you a pig's head on an island? Because you're the lord of my fly.

Much like Finnegan's Wake, I get harder by the chapter.

Is your body Cthulu? Because I'm going mad just looking at it.

Add your own in the comments. 

And would you like to find someone that matches your finely-calibrated sense of literacy? Try Nerve Dating.