Nerve Dating poll: Do you believe in soulmates?

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Grab yourself a net, because there are about seven billion fish in the sea. An overwhelming percentage of Nerve voters decided they could see themselves spending their lives with a whole range of people. Hear that, Earth's population? You aren't going to die alone, after all!

On Nerve this week, we got sex advice from an eighty-six-year-old grandma who instructed her granddaughter to look for her soulmate. So we wondered if Nerve Dating members would follow that advice. When asked "Do you believe in soulmates?" 89% of people said "I think you can fall in love with all kinds of people," prompting this Nerve writer to let go of his inhibitions and start doing all that weird shit I've been holding back. (I'm looking at you, sea life.) 

This gives hope to those who have always deemed themselves "too tall," "too hairy," or "too icky" to find love, because somewhere out there is a nice lady or gent who doesn't mind your cankles and thinks Snorlax tattoos are badass.

For the 11% of you who think there's one and only one person out there for you and you're looking for them right now — we here at Nerve wish you the best of luck. That said, if you've been spending your time scouring sports bars, you may want to tweak your searching methods. May we suggest Nerve Dating?