Nerve Dating poll: What kind of artist would you most like to date?

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Many of us are attracted to artist types. They're mysterious, brooding, and sometimes, they even create stuff. But over at Nerve Dating, we  wanted to know which kind of artist is the sexiest. So we asked members which creative type they most wanted to date: musicians, visual artists, filmmakers, actors, writers, or dancers? 

The results were surprising. Maybe it's because you're an educated bunch, but you seem to have the largest hard-on for the nerdiest of the bunch: writers. (Like me.) Turns out 31% of you prefer the reclusive and pale among us. Most of you said writers are the best to date because "the conversation would be good for starters" and you get "hours of endless conversation."

The runner-up hot artist is less surprising: musicians ended up with 26% of your vote. One Nerve member specified that they like drummers best because they "multitask with every limb and their mind. Sign me up." Another voter called musicians "a weakness I must conquer." I think most of us who've ever fallen for the guitar guy can identify. 

Also popular were dancers, who got 19% of the vote for deeply artistic reasons like "great body" and "great bodies" and "duh."  Filmmakers fared decently with 14% of the vote. (Not all of them look like Woody Allen. I mean, have you seen the guy who directed Jane Eyre?) Regular old artists (you know, the kind who use paint and other boring media, blah blah blah) did just okay with 7% of the vote. There may just be fewer of them around.

The only clear losers here were the actors. Only 3% of you think they're the most dateable kind of artist. One of your comments even read "any of the above EXCEPT THE ACTOR." Harsh. Maybe being a thespian is only acceptable these days if you're Ryan Gosling? 

So if you want to get sexy in time for summer, we suggest you forget the gym. Instead, find an empty, quiet room and get ready to sit on your ass for hours. Brush off that typewriter and start writing rhyming couplets, stat. When your limbs start to atrophy, just take a break and practice those drums. And don't forget, Nerve Dating is teeming with creative types.