Nerve Dating poll: What’s on your bucket list?

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Hey, have you guys heard that life is finite and you only have a limited time in which to do all the stuff you want to do? I just realized this. It's been a tough morning. Luckily, Nerve Daters were already aware of their own mortality, so we asked them about their "bucket lists," or what's on the list of stuff they want to do before they die.  

The majority said they wanted to travel, with jetsetting Nerve Daters hoping for pre-oblivion trips to places like the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, India, Cape Town, Fiji, seeing a baseball game at every stadium and a resounding "Everywhere" from someone who could find the beauty in every Applebee's in New Jersey.  

A handful of our Daters said they'd like to fulfill some creative goals before succumbing to the inevitable. One of our Daters wanted to start a theater company, and another wants to make a video game about art. A third just wants to "use the toilet in the White House and leave the seat up." Then there's "take part in a citizen's arrest," although this dater didn't specify which side of the arrest they were hoping to be on.

Personally, before I go to the valley below, I just want to make the world a better place, and leave humanity happier than it was when I got here. Or shoot a giraffe with a rocket launcher. That would be sick. 

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