Nerve Dating poll: What’s your favorite gift to get from someone special?

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This week on Nerve, Alison Goldfrapp made us a romantic mixtape, and frankly, it turned us on. So yesterday on Nerve Dating, we asked you, "What's your favorite gift to get from someone special?"

The winner? With 48% of the vote, getting a letter was the gift of choice. Being given a mixtape was a close second at 35%, proving that as long as sharpies exist, emo kids will probably continue to get laid.

The only clear loser here was a packed lunch, which received only a small segment of the vote. I guess the whole mommy-complex thing only goes so far. You can bake me cookies and write me a note — just don't put it in a paper bag.

One Nerve Dating user said receiving a letter was the best because it's "the rarest on the list, so it's hardly a small gift" while another user chose getting cookies because "screw flattery — food will get you everywhere."

Word. I know my favorite gift to give is cookies, but that's mostly because I get to lick the bowl. In fact, I even brought some into work today, but that's just my blatant attempt to get with the entire Nerve staff. If that doesn't work, I'm headed for the stationary store.

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