Ah, shacking up. A major step in any relationship, or as the old joke about lesbians goes, the third date. (Lesbian humor: nailed it.)

This week, I touted the ten best effects of living alone, so we wondered: At what point is it wise to give that up and move in with a significant other?

For once, a majority of Nerve Dating members had a conservative answer: 65% said you should wait at least a year before U-Hauling it. One member specified "Preferably into an apartment that is new to both people" while another added simply "I like my privacy." 

23% of you took the middle road and said you should wait at least a few months before living in sin. One Nerve Dating member mused "You'd think I'd learn from past mistakes, right?"  while another user commented "Depends on the people and how self-aware they are."

Just 12% of you answered that if you're ready after the second date, you should go for it. No comments for that answer though, maybe because these users were too busy arguing over whose turn it is to do the dishes. 

Commentarium (2 Comments)

Mar 30 12 - 8:57pm

You should only move in together once you are actually already living together and one of you is being seriously inconvenienced by never seeing their possessions/home/their plants are dying.

Mar 31 12 - 11:37am

When the SO you are currently living with kicks you to the curb.