Nerve Dating poll: Which is your favorite kind of geek?

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Last week's installment of Talking to Strangers took place at Comiccon, and one of the interviewees held forth on the difference between nerds and geeks. So that got us thinking, which kind of geek reigns supreme? We took the debate over to Nerve Dating, asking, "Which is your favorite kind of geek?"

Book geeks and music geeks led the way, each taking 23%. Perhaps surprisingly, the most vocal responses came from the book geeks, one of whom used the opportunity to vent: "Your Kindle doesn't count as a book. Sorry." Film geeks were next, with one Dater responding simply: "Steven Spielberg. Enough said."

The fill-in category captured a diverse range of geekdom, from foodies to cosplayers and IT guys. A few users offered a more holistic view of the world of geekdom, noting that they preferred the "combo platter geek," or "the eclectic geek." One lone individual bravely noted the sexiness of the Shakespeare geek, and was then stuffed into an e-locker. 

Speaking of lockers, nearly 11% of Daters expressed a marked distaste for geeks, presumably while shooting pool, scoring with babes, and doing sweet BMX tricks.

Lastly, the poor sci-fi geeks were left out in the cold, with only around 9% of the total, which deeply hurt one member of Nerve editorial, who owns Blade Runner on DVD, Blu-ray, and Laserdisc.

But really, most Daters were tolerant and inclusive of all geeks and nerds: "Anyone with a passion is usually pretty fun to hang out with," read one comment, while another noted that "any geek who's not a snob is cool." Finally, though one Dater expressed a preference for book geeks, their comment was more universal: "I love all geeks." *sniff* I'm sorry. I just have something in both of my eyes.

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