Nerve Dating poll: Who was your first crush?

Ah, the first crush. Few other firsts have the power to excite, humiliate, and create general angst like that one. So here at Nerve we were wondering, who was your first crush? Was it a classmate, a teacher, a friend's sibling, a babysitter, or no one at all? 

Nerve Dating members answered, and it turns out, most of you liked kids your own age. 61% of voters answered that their first crush was a classmate. But don't think that vanilla answer means it didn't leave a mark. One Nerve Dating member commented "It was in 4th grade and I still remember her name and where we each sat in class." Another classmate-admirer said simply of the experience, "She crushed my heart." Ouch. We've been there. 

In second place, 15% of you were hot for teacher. One Nerve Dating member commented "4th grade--Ms. Brandt. The original girl next door!" If by girl next door you mean the thirty-two-year-old who grades your spelling quizzes, then sure. Another voter rightly expanded "teacher" to mean "My camp lifeguard. Unless you count Luke Skywalker." (Let's be honest, both are solid options.)

12% of you first had it bad for your friend's (probably older) sibling. One Nerve Dating member mused "So unrequited. Age 12 is a bitch." Which would actually make a great six-word memoir, if it weren't seven words. A mere 2% of you answered that your first crush was a babysitter. Having had more than one five-year-old grab my boobs and run away laughing in my day, I'm not sure most of you are being honest with yourselves. 

10% of our most heartless users answered our question with "I don't get crushes, I crush people." Personally, I never trust people who don't get crushes. Do you not bleed? Still, props to the non-crusher who commented simply "You want to be my first?" Actually, that sounds kind of hot. As long as you don't think being twenty-seven gets you out of slipping love notes into my locker. 

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Commentarium (16 Comments)

Apr 02 12 - 3:22pm

Gavin Rossdale.

Apr 02 12 - 3:53pm

My Auntie, she was only ten years older than me.

Apr 02 12 - 4:35pm

Mine was one of my father's grad students.

Apr 02 12 - 5:52pm

I want the whole world to know that mine was Alfonso Ribeiro way back when he was on Silver Spoons. Random little kid crushes are the best.

Apr 02 12 - 8:03pm


Apr 03 12 - 12:43am


Apr 02 12 - 9:53pm
sitynx aspirate,

A tie between Cat Woman & Wonder Woman.

Apr 02 12 - 9:55pm

tuxedo mask from sailor moon. nice.

Apr 03 12 - 1:09am

Christian Bale in Little Women

Apr 03 12 - 6:17am

Christian Bale in American Psycho

Apr 03 12 - 11:51am

A boy in my preschool class. That, or Adam West-era Batman.

Apr 03 12 - 6:47pm

Christian Bale on the set of Terminator Salvation.

Apr 03 12 - 9:28pm

The girl who worked at the snack bar at the pool. Her name was Amy.

Apr 03 12 - 11:08pm

Ben. He had a sandy brown mushroom cut and was the fifth grade class clown. We went to different middle schools, then different high schools, and ended up in the same program in college, with a lot of mutual friends, but I haven't spoken to him since we were 10 years old. Grew up to be a total hottie, as well as creative, driven, fashionable, and successful.

I never told ANYONE about my crushes for fear or being mocked or (worse) him finding out! Did nothing but lead to a lifetime of insecurity about sharing any sort of romantic details with anyone. I am 26 and still get tongue tied when someone says, "so, what happened with that guy you were talking to at the bar?" Even if it's "he got kind of flirty and asked me to walk to the next farthest subway with him, then asked for my number. " I get so embarrassed!

Brains are weird.

Apr 04 12 - 4:42pm

...Cousin. First cousin. I was so sure we would get married.

Apr 11 12 - 3:33am

Ikki, the phoenix bronze knight from saint seiya and my neighbour, my boy next door... Actually I still crushed on him